Sreyhuong DUONG

Joined: 2016

Academic Qualification:

Bachelor of Architecture and Engineering

Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sreyhuong DUONG graduated from Institute of Technology of Cambodia. During her studying bachelor degree of architecture and engineering, she had joined her lecturer's site analyze trip in downtown. It about explaining, giving ideas and solving construction matter. She worked at construction company as architect while she finished her degree in 2015. Especially, she had archived successfully the Bumrungrad Hospital showroom project in Park Way Square. Also, she did many residential projects at Pursat province as her personal free lance's projects. After that, she has joined BM Architecture Co., Ltd. as architect till now.

Recently, environment in our society faces many bad conditions. This is the reason why she comes up her personal concept preventing those problems. Sustainable of design inspires her with everything last long, saving energy resources and non-harmful to nature. She always organizes the layout with the right function so it will not useless. Also, she applies the green solution by bring the nature to inside space which make everything feel fresh, calm, cool and comfortable.